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Unique & Functional
Unique & Functional

At Charcoal and Lace we understand what it’s like to be searching for a perfect gift, or hoping to find something you’ve been saving for and just haven’t been able to find. Our goal is to offer pieces that you can wear endlessly and trust that they will hold up to daily activities.

If you’ve wanted to be able to wear your jewelry while branding cows, parenting, fishing, working, etc, then you’ve come to the right place! We strive to create pieces that you will feel comfortable wearing in all of your daily activities. Wear them with pride knowing they will withstand the test of time, but also make you feel beautiful. Hopefully as you move through your day you’ll think about what went in to making each piece and how you can set your soul on fire and chase after your dreams.


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I handcraft practical, yet beautiful jewelry pieces for hard working hands to be able to wear even through the toughest of days or the most magical evening date. It’s important to us that these memories and moments be passed down from one generation to the next.

A few years ago I would spend hours scouring the internet and boutiques searching for that perfect ring or Christmas present for my mom. That’s when I decided to start making my own jewelry for others in the same scenario to be able to find the perfect gem amongst the rubble. I love combining my Native American and ranching heritages in rugged, yet glowing designs, handcrafted with beauty and practicality in mind.

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customer's thoughts


On the Blog

On the Blog

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We will occasionally be having updates where several pieces are offered for sale at the same time. It’s first come, first serve, but this gives everybody a fair chance at the same piece. This will also give me a good idea as to what I need to make more of for the next update!

There are many avenues of staying up to date with Charcoal and Lace. The best option is subscribing to my newsletter. This will feature any upcoming shop updates, new stones that have been purchased, if custom slots are available, latest blog posts, and all things Charcoal and Lace. Second to the newsletter are the socials. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook will have the latest news after the newsletter has been released and devoured.

First of all, there don’t have to be any justifications in wanting to purchase a nice piece of jewelry. It speaks on so many levels to so many different people. Go to “shop” and look for pieces that aren’t listed as sold out. The featured pieces on the website are the latest to be added, and rotate.

I am a firm believer in budgeting and paying cash for my purchases, but this is a personal choice, and I completely understand that not everybody lives like this, I’m a weird one, I know. The only way to purchase jewelry from us is to pay the full amount at the time of purchase. Taxes and shipping will be added before the final checkout. The only exception to this is if we are taking custom orders, we may ask for some as a deposit and some after the project is finalized. By browsing the available and sold out pieces, you’ll get an idea as to the average price for each piece.


 While I constantly struggle with this decision, I currently am not taking customs. In all honesty, I’ve taken on too many customs in the past, and done a disservice to my customers, my business, and myself when I do this. Currently I am working through customs already ordered, and will be making and selling exclusively Charcoal and Lace designs for the unforeseeable future. If I am able to get to a spot where I can accommodate customs, I will be sure to advertise it abundantly. All that being said, if you have an idea for something special, or would like to chat with me about potentially taking on a custom design in the future, I would love to hear it! I am human, and I would love to be able to have that conversation with anybody should it come up! 


I do occasionally do custom orders for weddings, so if you are in need of wedding jewelry please get a hold of me so that we can chat about it.

We  currently are listing jewelry that has already been completed. Customs are the priority right now so that we can get those long awaited orders out to their owners. However, as ideas are created, they will be listed on the website. When we are to the point where we can have shop updates with several pieces at a time, we will be doing those and announcing them both in our newsletter and on our social media.

We list jewelry as it becomes available for purchase. We are hoping to incorporate shop updates in the near future so that everybody has a fair chance at each piece.  If you see something you like, but don’t see that it is available for purchase, contact me on my website, chat with me on instagram, text me! This allows me to add more of this item to the available products in the next round of making.

I don’t do jewelry repairs. Any smither will tell you that it’s very difficult to remove stones in one piece, and components without damaging the original piece. If you have a piece you’d like me to look at for an opinion, I’m happy to chat with you about it.


For non-custom pieces, please report your complaint or concern to or text 970.718.2525 within 5 days of receipt. If there is something wrong with the piece please let me know right away. I take great pride in my work, but I am human after all. If something doesn’t fit, please let me know right away. However, most pieces include stones, which means they cannot be sized up or down without potentially ruining the stone. If you purchase something that doesn’t fit and you’d like to return it for credit on another piece we can discuss this. Please measure ring sizes, bracelets, necklace lengths, etc before purchasing. Mistakes happen, so let me know if we need to discuss anything that was purchased from us. We want 100% satisfied customers every time who feel inspired to tell others about their great experience at Charcoal and Lace. 

For custom pieces, these are non-refundable, however, we are happy to chat about any concerns.

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