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Beaded Stacker Ring

Stacker rings are available in a variety of styles and sizes for every beautiful woman out there!

Rings have been worn for the past 6,000 years. The Egyptian pharaohs wore them because they represent eternity with no beginning and no end. They have been seen in almost every culture of the world symbolizing love, friendship, power, protection, and even wealth. Today we wear rings for all of the same reasons, but also just for fun. 

Stacker rings are so fun to wear in an assortment of different ways! Wear them stacked with each other, or with your other bigger rings! They can be worn traditionally, or even on the upper knuckles in a true boho fashion. These rings are a great way to wear jewelry in the most practical way. They can be worn while bucking hay, cooking for the family, pumping iron at the gym, or simply while sipping a cup of coffee and reading the Bible.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles including whole, quarter, half, and three quarter sizes. These fit best when they are stacked from a slightly larger size, to a smaller size as they go up the finger. For example: If a finger is a size 7, a size 7.25, 7, and 6.75 could be ordered so that they are comfortable to wear all together. This is personal preference.

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Unique & Functional
Unique & Functional


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