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Dendritic Opal and Sterling Silver Ring


Dendritic opals are formed when groundwater picks up silica and settles underground, this is what hardens opals. However, the dendritic formations are caused by manganese and iron minerals settling in the stone. The stone historically has been used for magic and power. It’s often used for personal growth and stress reduction.

Rings have been worn for the past 6,000 years. The Egyptian pharaohs wore them because they represent eternity with no beginning and no end. They have been seen in almost every culture of the world symbolizing love, friendship, power, protection, and even wealth. Today we wear rings for all of the same reasons, but also just for fun.

Check out the depth in this ring! When I picked this stone for this collection, I had no idea this mostly white stone would turn in to such a stunning simple little ring! The back of the ring is cut out in order to let the light shine through this gorgeous stone! The black and white color palette will pair perfectly with any outfit you choose to pair it with. The simple design would make it easy to stack with other stacker rings, or worn by itself.  This ring is very comfortable and could easily be worn as an everyday wear or save it for special occasions to really draw some attention!

Size: 7.75 and stone measures 1/2″ wide by 5/8″ tall.

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Unique & Functional
Unique & Functional


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