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Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wild Rag Slide


Turquoise is a stone that has been long cherished for its beauty and meaning. It’s said to represent wisdom, strength, and healing.

Wild rags date back to the 1800s. “What is a wild rag” is a question you might be asking yourself. Wild rags are a type of scarf, often made from silk touting fun colors and patterns. Wild rags are a true piece of cowboy history. They are worn in the winter to keep the cold away. They are worn in the summer to keep the dust out of a cowboy’s face. Wild rags were also worn to disguise an outlaw’s identity.

Today wild rags are worn by men and women. They add a bit of class to any outfit, and what better way to fancy them up even more, than to add a wild rag slide?! Not only will it give some bling to a wild rag, it will also serve the purpose of keeping the rag tight around the neck. Wear your slide in the corrals working a colt, or to your favorite outdoor concert on a chilly fall evening.

This BEAUTIFUL Treasure Mountain turquoise stone brings this wild rag slide to life! The gorgeous fall colors will pair well with any wild rag you choose to wear it with. Wear this slide to the winter rodeos, or accessorize with it for your Sunday service.

Stone and setting measure:  11/2″ wide by 3/4″ tall. 

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Unique & Functional
Unique & Functional


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